2018 Peterbilt Model 367 Dump Truck

This new 2018 Peterbilt’s Model 367 defines rugged durability and quality construction for the vocational market and is specifically designed to endure the rigors of dump, construction, and excavation.

Complete with custom RevCon paint job,

this truck's a beaut.

Caterpillar 615C Scraper

The Caterpillar 615C Series II Elevating Scraper is a versatile, fast machine with a two-speed elevator drive and high hydraulic horsepower for maximum hauling and loading performance.

This machine is also equipped with the latest Trimble GPS technology for streamlined layout process and  pinpoint accuracy.

Caterpillar 320 Hydraulic Excavator

With an advanced hydraulic system and additional Caterpillar features such as Grade Assist and Payload on-board weighing systems, this machine boosts efficiency and productivity on the site.

As always, complete with the RevCon decal to show off our partnership with Caterpillar.

At RevCon, we take great pride in the quality of the equipment that we utilize on the job site.  Our staff is knowledgeable and fully trained in all equipment used on our projects, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed safelyandeff​iciently

From high-tech GPS equipment, to large heavy-duty machinery, RevCon has the experience to run just about any piece of equipment necessary to get the job done!

Our Equipment

Caterpillar D5K2 XL Dozer

The Caterpillar D5K2 XL Dozer is a powerful machine with a robust blade to push large quantities of soil and dirt as needed.  Made for excavation and hard work.

This machine is also equipped with the latest Trimble GPS technology which provides tighter specs, increased accuracy, and more efficient work.